About us

AGROVET Ltd is the distributor of animal health products. It was based in Azerbaijan. It has been serving the market since 2007.We are distributing veterinary products like feed additives, amino acids, premixes, antibiotics, vaccines, disinfectants, antioxidants, vitamins for poultry and livestock all over Azerbaijan.

The main goal of Agrovet is to establish a long-term mutually beneficial business-relation with its partners. We are having cooperation with European, Asian, American companies. Despite fierce competition, Agrovet has managed to become one of the leading distributors in Azerbaijan market. We are number 2 among the distributors in the market. We have registered more than 100 products. Due to the active work of our employees, their aspirations as fully as possible to meet the needs of our customers, honesty and openness in the work, our company enjoys an excellent reputation and respect among his many customers, partners and, most importantly, in their honest competitors.

Our customers can get goods in retail from our owned Vet shop and also in wholesale.

Every year, we are attending worldwide biggest exhibitions such as VIV and Eurotier and fairs to get information about the new products around the world and to obtain new co operations