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June 8, 2018
June 8, 2018
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Freeze-dried live vaccine against Infectious Bronchitis (2nd vaccination).

PROPERTIES:  BI-VAC 2° is prepared using the Massachusetts H52 strain of Infectious Bronchitis virus, cultured on embryonated SPF eggs, freeze-dried and vacuum-sealed. The H52 strain, although it shows no pathogenous activity, is indicated for revaccination of animals previously vaccinated with the H120 strain (BI-VAC 1°). Immunizing response is very strong, rapid and long lasting.

COMPOSITION: 1 dose of vaccine contains:

not less than 104 EID50.

INDICATIONS: Prophylaxis of Infectious Bronchitis.


Dissolve the contents of the vial in a small quantity of water; pour it into the quantity of drinking water deemed necessary for administration. Rinse the vial and carefully mix the vaccinal suspension before distribution, which should be performed as soon as possible. The quantity of water necessary in order to ensure uniform vaccination varies according to the subjects’age, the season and room temperature. The following scheme shows the minimum and maximum of water for every subject:

Chickenage Quantity of water (in ml)

6-12 weeks                                                                         20-60

over 12 weeks                                                                    50-80

In order to ensure good results from the vaccination, the following instruction should be observed:

1) make sure that the drinking water and troughs contain no antiseptic or disinfectant substances: even traces of these substances can inactivate the vaccinal virus;

2) if possible, use enamelled, plastic or glass troughs;

3) make the animals thirsty by cutting water supply for 2-3 hours;

4) distribute the water containing the vaccine among a number of troughs so as to allow all animals access to the vaccine within 2-3 hours;

5) do not expose the water containing the vaccine to heat.

BI-VAC 2° must be used for the second vaccination against Infectious Bronchitis. Birds must be in good health, above all as regards illnesses of the respiratory apparatus. The vaccination programme for parents and layers as follows:

– vaccination by BI-VAC 1° at 2-4 weeks of  life;

– revaccination by BI-VAC 2° at 8-12 weeks of life.

The second vaccination, in any case, must be carried out few weeks before point of lay.

NOTE: It must be used immediately following dissolving in water. The vaccine vials must be burned or disinfected after use.

STORAGE: Store in a refrigerator at +2°C to +8°C.

SHELF-LIFE : 18 months.

PACKING: 1000-dose vials, 2500-dose vials.

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