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June 8, 2018
June 8, 2018
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Freeze-dried live vaccine against Infectious Bursal disease (IBD)

PROPERTIES: IBA-VAC is prepared using an intermediate strain of the IBD virus, attenuated by means of various steps and cultured on embryonated SPF eggs, freeze-dried and vacuum-sealed. This virus strain has permanently lost its pathogenous and immunosuppressive power, but gives rise to a satisfactory immunizing response.

COMPOSITION: 1 dose of vaccine contains:

not less than 103 EID50.

INDICATIONS: Prophylaxis of IBD.

ADMINISTRATION AND DOSAGE: Dissolve the contents of the vial in a small quantity of water; pour it into the quantity of drinking water deemed necessary for administration. Carefully mix the vaccinal suspension before distribution. The quantity of water necessary in order to ensure uniform vaccination is 10-20 ml for every subject, according to the age of subjects, season and room temperature.

Precautions to be taken in order to obtain successful results from vaccination are:

1) make the animals thirsty by cutting drinking water supply for 1-2 hours;

2) make sure that the troughs are clean and do not contain any disinfectant substances;

3) do not expose the water containing the vaccine to heat or strong light;

4) distribute the water containing the vaccine among a number of troughs so as to allow all animals access to the vaccine within 2-3 hours.

IBA-VAC can be administered both to broilers and pullets; one application is enough to induce a long lasting immunity. The most appropriate age for the vaccination is at around the 3rd week of life in order to avoid the contrasting action of maternal antibodies which are present in the chickens for a considerable time. Taking into account the difficulties in delaying the penetration of the infection on farms, even if valid measures of direct prevention are adopted (disinfection, “all in-all out”, isolation, ecc.), vaccination at 12-15 days of life is advisable. Immunity is established after 10-15 days from vaccination, also in relation to the level of passive maternal antibodies.

NOTE: After dissolution the vaccine must be used immediately. The vials must be burned or disinfected after use.

STORAGE: Store in a refrigerator at +2°C to +8°C.

SHELF-LIFE: 18 months.

PACKING: 1000-dose vials, 2500-dose vials, 5000-dose vials.


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