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June 11, 2018
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Composition:  Assey min DL-Methionine  99,00%

Usage: Particularly for use in monogastrics. Intraco DL-Methionine ensures the adequate supply of sulphur amino acids,especially of the essential methionine. Because of methionine being first-limiting in typical poultry diets its usehas been well established for many years. Additionally, diets for piglets and growing pigs can show a considerabledeficiency in methionine, especially when formulated to achieve low nitrogen excretion for ecological reasons.Such a deficiency can be conveniently compensated for by using Intraco DL-Methionine.

Dosage:  According  to  diet.

Shelf Life: 5 years

Storage: Intraco DL-Methionine should be kept cool and dry in unopened original packing. Storage and conditions of5° – 30°C .


Valve type paper bag 2-ply + plastic film, 25 kg net.

Made in Belgium.

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