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L-Lysine HCl 99%: a monochlorhydrate salt of L-Lysine 99%

L-Lysine is an essential amino acid. It is synthesized from naturally-occurring aspartic acid in plants and bacteria. The monohydrochloride version is the most commonly used form of lysine with improved solubility and is a more efficient way to supply L-Lysine for either human or cell culture use. It is used as a cell culture media component in the commercial biomanufacture of therapeutic recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies.

Storage: Closed bags of 25 kg from the place of origin: the product is stable for at least 3 years if it is stored in the recommended conditions

Packaging:   Bags of 25 kg on wrapped palettes or “Big bags” or bulk.

Producer:   Ajinomoto  Eurolysine ( France)

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